Forget about smartwatches that cost £100+ and look (or not) fancy. You don’t need to spend that much money to make a change in your life. What you need instead are three things to make it happen. A pretty simple smart band (not even a smartwatch). A bit of knowledge on how to read it. And a willingness to make the most of it. And I will show you how to make all of these three things happen. With a smart band that costs roughly £40. This is what you can do with the latest Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

I believe the time of multi-purpose devices is gone. The time of smartwatches devices that can do everything. The devices that, at the same time, are bulky, complicated and frustrating. The devices that require reading manuals to set them up. Or that require asking more tech-savvy friends to help you with them. And, eventually, the devices that cost an arm and a leg, like £100-300 and more. It’s so 2015. And I believe these devices are not the best choice at the moment. Instead of that, have a look at something much simpler than that but still pretty powerful, Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review

What is a much better choice right now are small, single-purpose devices. The devices that are easy to use and do their job perfectly. The devices that don’t have to be a spectacular or glamour when it comes to their look (but if they are, it’s still OK). What they DO have to do, however, is to make a positive impact on our lives. Eventually, buying stuff and spending money on something that doesn’t make any difference doesn’t make any sense at all.

And Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the device, is a smart band that ticks all these boxes.

What do you expect from a smart band?

Expectations. We all have them. But it’s not so simple to decide what could you expect from a device – a smart band – that seems to be an extension of your smartphone. Eventually, you can check the time on both. You can see messages on both. You can use both as alarm clock. Or pedometer. And so on. So, it seems that many of the options are available on both.

Things also don’t get easier when you realise that sometimes you have to grab your smartphone to make some changes to the settings on your smartwatch. Oh, dear. The good news here is, however, you don’t have to do it too often. And once you set everything up once or twice, you can forget about making any changes to your smart band performing on your smartphone.

I know, it may sound weird. But believe me, I’m one of the last person that would want to have a couple of devices that repeats their features or functions. And make things complicated while I need to do some simple things. And if you’re like me, then this Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is not a bad option for you.

However, keep in mind one thing. If you want to buy it only to have it, then don’t do that. Although it costs roughly £40, it’s not worth it. Have it just to have it doesn’t make any sense. What makes sense here, however, is to buy it, make the most of it and improve the quality of your life significantly. Yes, it’s possible to do that for as little as £40. And I’ll show you how to do it.

But before that, let’s have a quick look at Xiaomi Mi Band 4.