Are you confused about all those weird and seemingly unnecessary ingredients in pre-workouts? If so, then this NAKED ENERGY Pure pre-workout might be not a bad option for you. With an extra amount of caffeine, but without sugar and carbs, it’s worth considering while not only in contest prep. And it’s suitable for vegans too.

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First things first. Any pre-workout is supposed to enhance your workout and supply you with energy to help you take your training to the next level. In other words, it’s a product designed to support your gym efforts and make your next session better than before. And with all those pre-workouts available on the market, it’s not so easy to pick the one that will do the job for you. But here’s the one that’s worth considering. NAKED ENERGY Pure Pre-workout Formula from Naked Nutrition.

Nothing to hide. In other words, Naked. And nutrition(ed).

Naked Energy Pure Pre-workout

All right, they go bold. They say they have nothing to hide. So, I say: check! Firstly, this pre-workout has 0g sugar and 0g carbs – that’s pretty nice and a clear statement. Also, it contains 200mg of caffeine, an equivalent of two average-sized mugs of coffee. Not too bad, considering it’s not so comfortable to drink so much fluids right before the workout. There are also some other ingredients like beta-alanine (2g), creatine monohydrate (1g) and l-arginine (1g). And six vitamins and minerals. Blah blah blah, does it even work at all?

Do not exceed recommended serving size, a.k.a. less is more. And more is way too much.

Well, it definitely does work. At least when you wake up at 4 am and while being still half-asleep, you won’t bother finding that tiny scoop inside the tub and dose it according to the label. That’s what I did, ended up with more than 1.5 servings size of this NAKED ENERGY pre-workout. And besides having pretty nice itchiness in my cheeks, I also had a damn good workout that day. Along with much higher than usual alertness and shaking hands throughout the day. And overall, some extra distraction. Therefore, I highly recommend you to find that damn small scoop and go according to the label. At least for the first time.

Naked Energy Pure Pre-workout

That wasn’t anything pleasant, silly me. However, it might be proof it really works. Forget about my first attempt I slightly failed. Since then, I use that tiny yellow scoop and go according to the label. And it works perfectly. Especially, I’m on the prep right now, with lower carbs, but thanks to it I can still make progress. Also, I treated my gym pal to this pre-workout. He’s a big guy who can pull a lot. Of course, I gave him a single serving, hahaha. The result? He sweated like a rat (which doesn’t happen too often to him). And he said he had a great workout too. With a pretty satisfying intensity. That sounds good.

Pure taste. I mean, so tasteless. So raw.

It’s pure, it works and… what it tastes like? Well, it’s nothing you might know from the other pre-workouts. It doesn’t taste at all. It’s like drinking water with, let’s say, unflavoured creatine. Not too enjoyable. However, once you realise it has no (artificial) flavourings, sweeteners or sugar, then it seems to be all right, right? Still, it tastes undoubtedly like something you can drink. It’s not repelling or disgusting. It’s just surprising. And it’s something it meant to be – unflavoured, pure, NAKED ENERGY pre-workout that helps you to tune in.

How about the pump, desired by many? Well, I didn’t feel like having and spectacular pump in my muscles. And I thought there’s no effect of this kind with NAKED ENERGY. Despite that, I got really nice feedback from a gym-goer that my muscles look really nice and pumped. Also, she added she saw I lifted more than I used to. That was pretty nice. And another proof NAKED ENERGY could have something about that.

0g sugar, 0g carbs. Great for those on prep. Or those who like going raw.

All right, NAKED ENERGY Pure Pre-workout is not perfect in one aspect. It has no flavour at all and for some, it might be a deal-breaker. However, not for me. I really liked it is so raw and has only necessary ingredients – it’s no BS and it’s raw AF. Also, only one serving is pretty accurate to have a decently good workout (and make progress). No matter you’re a tiny girl or a big guy (tried and tested). Moreover, it’s 0g sugar and 0g carbs – a great thing if you’re on a prep. And last but not least, it contains 50 serving per tub. So even if you have 4-days split, it will last you for three months (or even four months for 3-dayers). Not too bad.

Will I ever go back to this NAKED ENERGY pre-workout? If on prep, I definitely will. However, while not, I’d opt in for something flavoured that would give me some more flavour fun out of it.