Forget about a great RXBAR Peanut Butter protein bar (sorry, RXBAR!). This OWN You Hunger protein bar from Canada is going to smash it. It tastes like a real peanut butter spread, but it doesn’t have any of the flaws you can find in RXBAR Peanut Butter. Believe it or not, this is going to be MEGA HOT.

Disclaimer: This preview is based on a NOT YET RELEASED Own Your Hunger Peanut Butter Flavour protein bar. By the time of its final launch, which will happen pretty soon, some of its aspects may change slightly or be tuned up. When it’s released, we will also review it, of course.

That escalated quickly. We received a request from Canada (where the hell is it?) to give our opinion about a NOT YET RELEASED protein bar. The person on the other side said he liked our honest reviews of the other protein bars and… well, we loved that feedback. Anyway, he said he believes a sample of his protein bar will be better than RXBAR Peanut Butter protein bar that scored the highest overall score in our reviews ever, i.e. 7.9/10 pts which means it’s a very good protein bar, nearly a great one.

It’s supposed to be better than RXBAR Peanut Butter protein bar? Yeah, sure…

That was my first thought when I read his statement in the message. Eventually, RX BAR Peanut Butter is a decently tasty protein bar with pretty good macros and only five ingredients(!) in it. In short, it’s ‘No B.S.’ (they say the truth, by the way). The only ‘tiny’ flaw in it is it’s sticky and chewy AF and that’s the thing that might put a lot of people off. While I was reviewing it, I shared this bar with a couple of my friends to be sure I am right with my opinion about it. And all of them said it’s lovely and delicious in taste, but it’s sticky and chewy AF (well, at least I was right). Anyway, I sent a quick reply to Canada telling ‘sure, let’s find it out’. And this honest preview is the result of that. Hold on, as it’s going to be THE NEXT BIG THING on the protein bar market.

OWN Your Hunger Peanut Butter Flavour Protein Bar (Beta Version)
OWN Your Hunger Peanut Butter Flavour Protein Bar (Beta Version, final packaging)

This protein bar is puzzling when it comes to its smell. It’s not as spectacular as you could imagine. It’s not strong neither intense. However, it’s aroma is on a par with a real, natural peanut butter spread which is exactly like that (if you don’t believe me, then smell the peanut butter you use and check it on your own). I wouldn’t change anything here. Hence, 9/10 pts in this criterion. This protein bar is terrific when it comes to its texture. It’s absolutely soft on the both, outside (8.5 or 9/10 pts) and inside (8/10 pts). That means one thing, it’s extremely easy and effortless to bite into it. However, as it’s not chewy at all, it’s just a bit sticky and I can see some room for improvement here (even though, it’s light years ahead of the competitors in that matter at this moment). And if you’re wondering if it affects its moistness… No, it doesn’t. This OWN Protein Bar is so surprisingly moist you can eat it without any sip and still doesn’t feel even a touch of dryness in your mouth (9.5/10 pts). I wouldn’t change anything here too.

This is THE NEXT BIG THING when it comes to the flavour!

All right, RXBAR Peanut Butter was terrific when it comes to the flavour of… no, not peanut butter. It’s rather roasted peanut butter flavour, so its label might be a bit misleading for some. However, this OWN bar tastes like real, natural and crunchy peanut butter. And although it’s slightly and pleasantly crunchy, it doesn’t cling to your teeth. Say ‘thank you’ to protein crisps in it. Going further, it has an amazing flavour I’m sure you have never experienced in a protein bar before. In a word, it’s a flavour of real, natural and crunchy peanut butter you can always have in your pocket. I give that flavour 10/10 pts, as it’s out of this protein bar world. On the other hand, Kaz said it’s only really tasty and she gives it 9/10 pts.

Would I change anything in the matter of the taste? I would. I would add just a pinch of both sweetness and saltiness to it. However, as Kaz is all about saltiness, she would only tune up a saltiness in it.

Do I want another serving of this OWN Your Hunger protein bar? Let me put it this way: I could eat it every single day. And not only one.

How about the macros then? Well, this is actually the weakest point in this protein bar. The bar itself is 210 kcal and the owner says this is the sweet point between the quality ingredients used, texture and the taste of the bar. It also has 7g of fat, a bit too much of 29g of carbs (of which only 3g of sugar) and a solid 20g of protein. Also, there’s 19g of fibre. However, these numbers will change in the final recipe for better (but shh). The ingredients list is pretty good too. It contains only natural ones, without any added sugar, palm fat or syrups. And I will write more about it in the separated article(s).

Can it be the finest protein bar on the go? At the moment of writing this preview, it can’t. The reason? Macros, that are a bit exaggerated for me. However, there’s a chance the final recipe will get the title, but that’s not a sure thing for now.

Remember this name. OWN Your Hunger is going to be THE NEXT BIG THING in a protein bars world.

All right, I left the best thing for the end. Although OWN Your Hunger is named ‘protein bar’ and it has everything (and even more) to be it, it’s not a proper protein bar after all. More than that, it’s an appetite suppressant, as says its owner. In the form of a protein bar. But a protein bar that is way, way ahead of the competitors while still being not yet released. I fall in love with it. Seriously.

To sum it up briefly. This protein bar is AMAZING! It’s extremely easy and effortless to eat (although there’s still some room for improvement here), magnificent in the taste (in other words, it’s delicious AF) and it has decently good ingredients and still pretty good macros. And although it’s still a beta version, I would order a full box of it straight away. Or even three, one of each flavour. At this moment there are three flavours in the range – (organic) peanut butter, (organic) chocolate and (organic) coconut. You can read more about it on the website of these bars.

Will I ever go back to this OWN Your Hunger protein bar? I’d want to eat them as often as I can. Particularly: Every. Single. Day. But I’m waiting to preview another flavour from the range, Chocolate, that is supposed to be even better than that. How come?!

At this moment, the OWN Your Hunger Peanut Butter flavoured protein bar would score overall much higher than the best so far RXBAR Peanut Butter. But we’ll wait for the release version to give it our final thoughts on that and the final score.

P.S. It’s gluten-free and keto friendly too.