Nearly tasteless Chewy Banana that is pretty hard to bite into and… chew? No wonder it turned out to be just a mediocre bar. And it’s another one from SiS that won’t go down in supplements’ history.

Well, this review won’t be easy as there are too many things in this Chewy Banana bar that could be better. Too many. And this seems to be some kind of a rule when it comes to SIS’ energy+protein bars. The one we reviewed recently, Apple & Blackcurrant, wasn’t sooo bad after all. But this one, not for a change, is even worse. What has happened that Chewy Banana bar is not too chewy?

SiS GO Energy+Protein Chewy Banana

Anyway, let’s start with the smell. Or with a scent that is nothing what the package of this bar promises. As you already know, it was supposed to be Chewy Banana. But the only detectable aroma is a combination of a sweet and sourish whiff. Hmm… Not what we expected. And, honestly, it’s not too tempting to bite into.

Oh, once you decide to do that, it may be not too comfortable as this bar is pretty tough from the outside. And just slightly less stiff inside, but not even softish.

Therefore, to bite into it, you’ll need to use your teeth. Not appealing. How about ‘Chewy Banana’? Well, it’s not too chewy either, as it’s quite tough inside too. Does it matter if it’s slightly chewy (what a surprise!) and tries to stick to your teeth a bit? Anyway, don’t forget to have a sip aside while eating this bar.

A slightly bitterish, dry banana. Does it sound like something you’d like to have? Neither would we. This taste is nothing that was promised on the package of this bar. And it leaves much to be desired. That’s not the taste of chewy banana at all. Or we don’t have any idea what tasty banana should taste like. At the end of the day, that taste is nothing special and nothing we’d want to experience again, either.

Do we want another serving of that SiS Chewy Banana bar after the first one? We guess you know the answer to that question. But to be 100% sure of that, there it is: no, we don’t.

Macros. This could be something good, right? But it’s not. Although a 60g bar has only 200 kcal and 2.5g of fat, it also has 33g of carbs and only 10g of protein. In other words, too much of carbs, too little of protein. Ingredients, however, are pretty good. You won’t find there any added sugar, or palm fat, or any syrup. Not bad.

But it’s still not enough to call it the finest energy+protein bar on the go.

Chewy Banana that is not chewy at all.

Could it be more miserable? This Sis Go Energy+Protein Bar Chewy Banana that doesn’t taste like a real banana. And it’s not chewy at all. Also, the bar itself is not easy to eat too. And an overall feeling is like between ‘OMG, how could I eat it at all’ and ‘phew, it’s done, I ate it at last!’. Hmm… Something went really wrong here, we guess.

Do we ever go back to that energy+protein bar? Heh, nope. Instead of that, I’d go for this ‘banana’.