Don’t be fooled by its gallows sense of humour. As wordy as its brand may be, this bar is ordinary quite close to the bone. Although it makes not bad first impression though.

We know manufacturers do what they can to be distinguished between each other. And call us old fossils, but we are quite far from feeling any positive emotions toward this brand. It’s wordy, old fashioned and so much ordinary. But as long as the product is OK it doesn’t matter at all, right? Right. How it is in this case then?

Sinister Lab Sinfit Double Layer High Protein Crunch Bar Cinnamon Crunch Flavor

Sinister Lab’s protein bar welcome us with a decent, pleasant and adorable scent that lets you smell cinnamon easily. It’s not too overwhelming, and it encourages us to bite it. Good. And although its outer firmness is not too appealing, it’s much better inside, making it (surprisingly!) easy to bite into and eat. However, it’s pretty chewy, and it sticks to your teeth easily. Hence, have a sip of water ready aside while you eat it.

Anyway, as you can easily taste its cinnamon flavour, you will also detect bitter aftertaste following it.

It’s not too strong, but it’s hard to miss it. It doesn’t spoil overall expression when it comes to the taste of the bar, but it doesn’t make it better in any way either. It makes it just an average taste that won’t last too long in your memory. Like many things you used to bury in your garden and forgot about them.

Do we want another one after the first serving? Well, as it says: if you bury it, it was supposed to be bury forever. And we won’t change it this time. So no, we won’t come back to that. At least not intentionally.

If you look for a macros epitaph, here’s a bit of memory of that bar. An 83g log of the bar has a whopping 350 kcal, 16g of fat, 28g of carbs (of which just 8g of sugar) and a decent 30g of protein. Well, it looks like we will need some deep burial pit for that. And a pretty big headstone, as ingredients list is not too short, containing added sugar, palm fat and corn syrup.

Rest in Peace, my sweet protein bar.

Sinister Lab’s Sinfit Double Layer High Protein Cinnamon Crunch Flavour Bar is an average protein bar. Don’t get us wrong. It’s not a bad bar per se. It may be somewhat enjoyable for some due to its cinnamon flavour, but it’s nothing you should particularly dig up from the store shelf.

Will we ever go back to that bar? As it says: if it’s buried, it’s buried. But if it’ll get exposed on the raining day, then we won’t pass it anyway – at least a part of it.



  • R.I.P.


  • As much as 350 kcal per bar (83g)
  • It contains added sugar
  • It contains palm fat
  • It contains corn syrup
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

This bar is nothing you should particularly dig up from the store shelf. As it says: if it’s buried, it’s buried. And don’t try to change it, as long as you’ve got a good reason to do that. We have not.