Don’t believe anybody who tells you that you need a PT to start going to the gym. Or you need him or her to lose some fat or build muscles. You also don’t need them if you want to go to the gym for a general purpose. That’s why I will show you how to set up your split training. And you can download it for free.

There are different reasons why people go to the gym. Majority of them go there for a general purpose, like losing some unwanted fat, gain some muscles, stay fit or just to feel good, to name a few. And as long as you don’t treat it as your actual or future profession, you can do it on your own. In other words, you don’t need a PT (Personal Trainer) and you can set up your own training plan effectively. It means it’s not too complicated, but it will require some effort, including proper planning and strategy. But don’t worry, I will show you how to do that quickly and easily. And you will be able to download it for free.

Set your own split training plan.
Set your own split training plan

Before we start setting up your training plan, you need to answer these three questions below.

1. Know your goal, i.e. know what you want to achieve.

What is your purpose of going to the gym? Do you want to burn some of that unwanted fat? Or you want to gain some muscles? Or both? Or you want to go to the gym to get fit? Or to improve your health?

There are many reasons why people go to the gym. However, the most precise your goal is, there are more chances to stick to your training plan for longer. In other words, know your goal and you will achieve it easier and faster.

2. Do you have any time frame to achieve your goal?

This is another important question you should answer. Thanks to that, you may easily align your next steps and set up your mindset to make your plan even more viable. There’s nothing better than having a proper mindset.

And again, it’s not necessary to rush when it comes to your fitness goals. Some of us go to the gym just to feel better or have some fun with friends. However, some goals may require you to push a bit harder than you thought. Let’s say it’s July already, you have 10kg extra, but you want to get that beach body yet this season? Well, depending on your physical condition it may be a challenge to get that beach body on time this summer. But with a right training plan it’s still doable to significantly improve your appearance. In this case, a proper mindset and discipline may make this possible.

3. What are your capabilities?

Answering this question will let you recognise your actual circumstances. For example, how often (per week) you can go to the gym? How much time can you spend per each training? Or is it going to be possible regarding your work, commuting, family and any other life commitments etc.?

Set your own split training plan.
Set your own split traning plan

Don’t be so extreme here. Nowadays, people are pretty busy and going to the gym four or more times per week may be really time-consuming. But, as long as you’re not a professional bodybuilder, most likely you’ll be perfectly fine going to the gym three times a week and making most of your training plan. If you overdo that, discouragement and feeling of exhausting, not telling about lack of time, may creap in really fast. Therefore, you must be smart here and start slowly, like three, maybe three or four times a week. And once you feel comfortable with it and feel you can do more, then you may increase your frequency after a couple of weeks.

4. Do not go further until you answer these questions above.

It may seem dull and unnecessary, but trust me – it is necessary to answer these three simple questions. Thanks to that you will get a wider perspective and you’ll see a bigger picture. Why do you need that at all?

It’s simple. Thanks to those three steps above, your fitness journey, no matter you’re just about to start or you go to the gym for a while, will be much easier. You will be on a good way to achieve your fitness goal(s) and enjoy it. Or look at this from the other perspective. Can you see all those people that go to the gym, but they’re not happy about that or still chasing their dream results? Ask them why and ask them about their goals and whether they have any plans to achieve them. You may be surprised, but many people go there without any plan! That’s what we want to avoid here.

Let’s DO IT!

Split weight training (a.k.a. bro split) is a type of workout that involves separate exercises for each group of muscles. It’s in contrary to the Full Body Workout (FBW) when you train your full body every session.

Set your own split training plan.
The muscles you trained a day before will have some rest while training other parts of your body

There are many advantages to split weight training. For example, they include less time spent at the gym per one session, less possibility of over-training, a higher level of health, increased energy levels and increased strength and muscle mass gain. Also, you will be able to train two or three days in a row. This may be a perfect solution if you have less time, i.e. you can train only at weekend or near it (Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday and Monday etc.). Thanks to its feature, the muscles you trained a day before will have some rest while training other parts of your body.

Also, Split Weight Training is an excellent option if you have enough time during the week and your goal is to gain a solid piece of muscles. Thanks to that, you’ll able to maximise your effort by training selected parts of your body twice a week. Or the parts you would want to improve significantly (i.e. because they are underpowered or need some extra care due to injury or illness). This should get you faster and closer to your fitness or bodybuilding goal than ever.

3 days training plan you can download for free.

You can do three days split if you have restricted time, but you still want to achieve your fitness  goals. In this case, you’ll go to the gym only three times a week. It may be any days of the week, also consecutive ones, like on Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday and Monday. But there’s no reason to not to go to the gym with this split for example on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. It’s up to you, your schedule and available time. Thanks to a aplit training, your muscle groups will have enough time to recover and get some rest in between the training sessions. However, this may also require a bit more time spent in the gym.

As an example, your three days split can look like this:

  • Day 1: chest + shoulders + triceps
  • Day 2: back + biceps + abs
  • Day 3: legs + bum

Download your 3 day training plan for free.

In this scenario, you go to the gym three times a week and the other four days are your days off. So these four days are the days you spend on chilling, recovery and watching your muscle growing. 😉

So-called ‘bro split’ is a good option if you have a bit more time.
So-called ‘bro split’ is a good option if you have a bit more time

A free 4 (or 5) days training plan.

So-called ‘bro split’. This is a good option if you have a bit more time. In this option, you go to the gym 4 (or 5) days a week and have 3 (or 2) days off. You train every muscle group once a week.

An example of your 4 (or 5) days split:

  • Day 1: chest + triceps
  • Day 2: back + biceps
  • Day 3: legs (+bum, if you choose four days split)
  • Day 4: shouders + abs
  • Day 5 (if you pick five days split): bum (then you don’t train it on day 3)

Download your 5 day free training plan.


Six days split is for advanced gym goers, who want to train main muscle groups twice a week. This option is genuinely demanding because it requires a lot of time to perform. Also, rest, recovery and sleep are surely crucial in this scenario. Hence, a perfect organisation is the key here. However, this way, if you are a beginner or not too experienced in the gym, you can achieve great results pretty fast, giving your body nice and aesthetic look in a pretty short time frame. And by ‘pretty short’ I mean a time frame as short as 4-6 months. And believe me, it’s not much time when it comes to bodybuilding. But at the same time, it’s enough time to make some visible changes in your look.

Your six days free training plan may look like this.

  • Day 1: chest + shoulders + triceps
  • Day 2: back + biceps
  • Day 3: legs + bum + abs
  • Day 4: chest + shoulers + triceps
  • Day 5: back + biceps
  • Day 6: legs + bum + abs

Download your 6 day free training plan.

In this plan (based on three days plan repeated twice a week), you go to the gym six days a week, so there’s only one day of rest left. That’s why rest, recovery and sleep are at least (if not more) as important as what you do at the gym.

Wrapping up.

This is how you can easily set your own training plan or download it totally for free. However, if you feel like you need some help with this or you want a personalised plan written by a professional, then feel give me a shout (you can message me here). I’ll be happy to give you a hand. Good luck!