This is one of those bars you’d never expect to come so tasty and delicious. Widely available, tasty and easy to use. What could we ask for more? Oh, we know. Can we have another one, please?

It’s not so usual that a snack that seems to be a regular, boring and another-in-the-queue protein bar turns out to be the one we’ll nearly fall in love with. But this time, for a change, that’s how it is. An inconspicuous bar with a strawberry and cream taste stole Kaz’s heart and is her protein-bar-to-go in the nearest supermarket. How could this happen?

SCI-MX Nutrition Strawberry & Cream Duo Bar
SCI-MX Nutrition Strawberry & Cream Duo Bar

Yes, it’s pretty surprising, as SCI-MX’s range of protein treats is full of pitfalls, especially strawberry ones. Some of them are really tasty (like this one), and some of them are far from being edible for a medium sensitive amateur of protein bars or cookies, like Strawberry & White Choc Chip Protein Cookie. But let’s forget about it and see what we liked about the Strawberry & Cream Duo Bar.

Although it’s not too intense, the smell of this Strawberry & Cream bar is pretty nice and noticeable

Both tastes from the packages are easily detectable, and they say anything but ‘bite me’. So we do. And yet before we’ll taste it, we will definitely notice this bar is really soft both outside and inside. This surely helps to enjoy it fully, although the bar itself is slightly chewy and somewhat sticks to the teeth. That’s why it may require to grab something to sip now and then.

The thing that stole Kaz’s heart is definitely its taste. Even though it’s not very intensive, it’s still clearly perceptible and sweety, giving an enjoyable kick. And no, slightly noticeable sour touch doesn’t bother, instead of that balancing it, adding some exciting twist to it. All of that put together makes a really pleasant experience when it comes to the taste of this bar. Nice.

Do we want another this bar after the first serving? Kaz has no doubt about it, and that’s why she never buys two of them at once. Pako says ‘Kaz, buy two for yourself and I’ll get an extra bite. Or two of them’. Yes, we want it more! Or we wanted, as there’s a new version of this bar that is not so exciting.

However, there’s a catch in that. Macros. As 224 kcal per 60g bar is pretty OK (considering its taste), 23.4g of carbs and as much as 12.1g of sugar makes it more like an energy bar than protein bar. 20g of protein is a decent value and… well, and that’s it.

Is this bar the finest protein bar on the go? Too many carbs and unholy trinity of added sugar, palm fat and glucose syrup say it all. NO.

Anyway. Life’s not all about going super healthy all the time, avoiding bad ingredients and all that stuff at all costs.

Sometimes it’s better to relax, indulge and enjoy the snack you like. And you know what? I think Kaz is going to play it this way this time.

Will we ever go back to this Strawberry & Cream protein bar? There’s no doubt in this case when it comes to Kaz. And Pako, who likes to ape her now and then, may jump on this wagon too. And no, unholy trinity won’t stop Badasses this time. What can we do?



  • Really nice taste
  • Comfortable to eat
  • We’d eat another serving easily


  • It contains added sugar
  • It contains palm oil
  • It contains glucose syrup
  • 23.5g of carbs per 60g bar
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

It contains too many carbs and unholy trinity of added sugar, palm fat and glucose syrup. But sometimes it doesn’t matter at all and it’s better to relax, indulge and enjoy the snack you like. And most likely you’ll like this one.