With all the respect, Rich, we’d like your Sweet Potato Pie RF BAR would be at least as vibrant and charismatic as you were. Unfortunately, it’s only a shadow of your person and all the legacy you left us too early.

Let’s make it clear: we love sweet potato. And we love sweet potato baked in any way even more. That’s why we couldn’t resist and try THIS bar. And we thought it’s going to be a great choice, as it smells really nice. It reminds us of sweet potato pie in the form of a pie, but with missing that smell of a pie filling our home while baking, obviously. Anyway, it makes us want to try it straight away. But here’s the thing with Rich Piana Sweet Potato Bar.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition RF BAR Sweet Potato Pie

This bar is so different than you, Rich. It’s tough and rough from the outside, unlike you were. And what’s even more distressing, it’s not much better in the inside. Yes, we know bodybuilding is a tough sport, but it may be too much for some more sensitive teeth. And eating it may be uncomfortable for some, especially the bar seems to be barely crumble, but it’s pretty chewy in fact, slightly sticking to out teeth. So without a sip or two now and then it’s a no-no.

Anyway, tasting is not the biggest pleasure out there, as there’s no sweet potato pie flavour anywhere!

What we’ve got instead is a bitter flavour of (more) nutmeg and (less) cinnamon spices, mixed with a not-tasty-Rich-at-all pulp. It definitely doesn’t remind us anything that could come close to sweet potato. Yams? Pecans? Oats? Hmm… We don’t think so. We don’t detect it. We are sorry, master.

Hey, gym rats! We all like numbers, right? So here they are! In a 70g bar, there is 240 kcal, 10g of fat, 26g of carbs (of which just 5g of sugar) and really nice 20g of protein. Nothing to be ashamed of. And there’s even better when you look at the ingredients list. Beside organic(!) palm oil, there’s nothing you should be aware of. Instead, you get egg whites(!), sweet potatoes, yams, pecans, orange pulp and natural flavours. Not too bad.

So is this a sustainable bar on the go? Well, with palm oil in the ingredient list, even if it’s an organic one, there’s no chance for that. We are sorry again.

It’s nothing personal, Rich, but…

Rich, listen. We had high hopes of seeing your bar with Sweet Potato Pie flavour. However, after trying and testing it, we reached a conclusion it’s not for us. Besides the smell, there’s nothing in this bar that could draw our attention, and there are too many ‘buts’ for us. And that’s it.

Will we ever reach for this Rich Piana Sweet Potato Pie bar again? As this bar, overall, is one of the worst we have revied so far, we don’t think so. Twice. But yeah, sure, try it for yourself, to pay the tribute of Rich.



  • It contains egg whites
  • It contains sweet potatoes


  • It contains (organic) palm oil
  • It doesn’t contain sweet potato flavour!
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

Besides the fame and smell, there’s nothing in this bar that could draw our attention, and there are too many ‘buts’ for us. And that’s it.