Okay, energy bars. Get out of the way, here comes the absolutely delicious Veloforte CLASSICO Citrus flavour. And even if you’re not interested in energy bars you SIMPLY CAN’T pass up this bar. It’s that simple. You’ll really miss a lot. Here it goes.

Pako can confirm and Kaz won’t deny it – this is without a shred of doubt, absolutely, decidedly the tastiest (not only technical) bar that you can get in the shops that we’ve ever eaten. And no, we’re not exaggerating. And if we were to get a penny for every exclamation of joy caused by this Veloforte CLASSICO Citrus bar, perhaps we wouldn’t be set for life, but definitely for the next 10 years.

Pako got so excited over this energy bar that the night he tried it he couldn’t fall asleep – he was thinking about the bar too much! And if he gets excited about something to eat then it’s a very big deal, because that’s just who he is. And even when he’s baking something himself – it’s a real success if he likes just every third thing that he makes, although I eat all of them because they’re simply delicious (says Kaz).

Veloforte CLASSICO Citrus Energy Bar
Veloforte CLASSICO Citrus Energy Bar

Bloody hell, what kind of black PR is this in the Badass family (says Pako). Well, then. At first glance this Veloforte bar already looks quite interesting, entirely different than any other bar we’ve seen so far. It looks like a piece of amber with bits of light ‘somethings’ suspended in it. After having a precursory smell it turns out that this piece of amber is a mixture of Citrus Fruit and Honey and the ‘somethings’ are almonds. Yes, all ingredients are very detectable, but if they had a bit more intense smell everything would be perfect. So now it’s just very, very good. But it’s ultra good when it comes to the bar’s outer firmness – that’s a very good sign when it comes to a little something we call ‘ease of eating’.

Wonderful! Marvelous! Fantastic! Exceptional! Absolutely unrivaled! That’s how we can shortly describe its taste. It’s incredibly delicious!

All three ingredients (Citrus Fruits, Almonds and Honey) are highly detectable, superbly balanced and earn a well-deserved 9.5 points (WOW!) on our scale, which means something between ‘excellent’ and ‘amazing’. If we were to describe this bar’s taste more specifically, we’d say it is the perfect combination of the world’s best Carrot Cake and masterful Fruit Cake, that you can have with you at all times. And this mixture makes this bar quite sweet. But that’s not stopping anybody from eating it till the end of time.

There’s absolutely nothing we can say against this bar’s flavour.

Especially because it lasts throughout the whole bar and there are no flavours or aftertastes that could ruin it. We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t try to find some anyway, but to no avail – we failed (which, in this case, is marvellous!). Additionally this bar almost melts between your tongue and palate (there’s only a tiny bit to perfection missing here), so it’s very easy to bite into and chew. The only thing we could nitpick here would be that it’s noticeably chewable and sticky. That’s why you might want have something (plain!) to drink with it to take a sip now and then (though not everybody will need that).

Do we want another serving of this Veloforte CLASSICO Citrus energy bar after the first one?

Saying that we’d like to start eating the second serving before finishing the first would be a severe understatement! This energy bar is so tasty that we seriously consider spending half of our next wages on stashing this one up!

Veloforte CLASSICO Citrus Energy Bar

Alright, but what about the macros? Exactly. Our scale for energy bars is entirely different than the one for protein bars. In that case it goes as follows, in this 70g bar there’s a quite big amount of 294 kcal, quite a lot of fat – 8.6g – and a just on the brink of acceptable – 44.9g of carbs. Add to that 3.4g of fibre and 5.6g of protein. Nothing to get excited about if you’re planning on using this bar the way it’s intended, as a very precise energy bar. In terms of ingredients, however, it doesn’t contain any palm fat (a plus) and the ingredient list isn’t too long, either (another plus). It’s alright.

Is this bar a sustainable energy bar? Not entirely, because not all macros here are good enough or adequate to their intended use, meaning as a highly effective energy snack.

Wonderful! Marvelous! Fantastic! Exceptional! Absolutely unrivaled! That’s how we can shortly describe its taste.

Yes, we’re repeating ourselves. But these words convey our feelings for this bar a 100%. And if we only could (perhaps we could, Veloforte, how about it?) add another star for its amazing taste onto the label, we would without any doubt. Because this flavour really is this wonderful. What else is there to say?

Perhaps that this bar smells great (yes!) and it’s very easy to eat (which we like!), but it’s also a bit chewable and sticky (oh, well). Despite that we already knew while finishing up the first serving that we’d immediately want another (this has never happened before in our tests!). Do we need to add anything else?

Perhaps only that if you’d like to use this CITRUS bar as it is intended, as a balanced energy bar with suitable macros, that’s maybe not such a good idea. Yes, it does the job and will undoubtedly give you a lot of energy, but it’ll be more like sliding around the name ‘ideal energy bar’ than actually giving you the specific amount of energy you need to keep up your power during your workout.

Veloforte CLASSICO Citrus Energy Bar

All the while we don’t have any such specific workout needs, that’s why for us this is the perfect energy bar. And virtually a few grams less or more here or there doesn’t make any difference to us. And for 80% (90% even!) of people who are interested in energy bars it shouldn’t, either. Let’s hear it again – THIS IS IT!


P.S. Pako still can’t sleep because he’s thinking of this bar… (says Kaz)



  • Absolutely GENIUS taste


  • One serving isn’t enough by any measure 🙁
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

Wonderful! Marvelous! Fantastic! Exceptional! Absolutely unrivaled! That’s how we can shortly describe its taste. It’s incredible delicious.