Oh, now we get it! This cookie has a lot of alternative advantages. You know, not obvious ones that you can see at first glance, but still. Admittedly, fitness extremists won’t even look at this one, but for everyone else, the world might just turn out to be not only black and white. Sometimes it’s white (like chocolate) and red (like strawberries) and quite tasty too (like chocolate and strawberries together).

Let’s be clear here: from a fitness standpoint this cookie doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s got quite a lot of calories, a lot of carbohydrates, a bit of sugar and a pretty long ingredient list. On the other side however it tastes pretty good, you can get it anywhere and it’s a decent alternative for all the cookie monsters who can’t calmly walk past the cookie aisle in the store. So, what do we have here?

SCI-MX Nutrition Pro2Go Strawberry & White Choc Chip Protein Cookie

The Strawberry & White Choc Chip Protein Cookie. Once you get a hold of it at ASDA or Poundland the first thing that’ll make you happy is its intense strawberry and vanilla smell. The cookie itself, as all the other from this series, looks well-manufactured. It’s rather soft, easy to bite into and chew without being too sticky. This means while eating you can actually enjoy yourself instead of fighting with your food. So what’s the taste like?

The cookie definitely tastes like strawberries however there is a slightly bitter aftertaste.

At first the cookie gets sweeter and sweeter.

And with every bite until that’s all you can feel in your mouth – a sweet mass. The choc chips aren’t really detectable. We do find fruit chunks however, though according to the ingredient list that’s just concentrated apple puree and strawberry puree. What’s worth noting is that the cookie is moist enough to eat it on its own, without having to drink anything.

Do we want another cookie? No, because although its tast is pretty alright the hint of bitterness in a sweet cookie isn’t something we’d like to have. Instead of that, we’d go for another strawberry flavoured snack from Pro2Go, Strawberry & Cream Duo Bar.

If you’re a fitness extremist you don’t need to keep on reading because there’ll be nothing new for you here. The cookie, weighing in at 75g, has a proud 302 kcal which consist of 8.7g of fat and 32.6g of carbohydrates (of which 4.8g are sugar and 9.5g polyols). The 23g of protein are complemented by 1.8g of fibre. Unfortunately, the ingredient list is a festival of dubious additives, among which are sugar, palm oil and glucose-fructose syrup. That’s bad.

Is this cookie a sustainable snack on the go? Nope, because it contains the trifecta of bad ingredients (sugar, palm oil and glucose-fructose syrup) and way too many calories.

This definitely isn’t a cookie for someone who cares about their health.

SCI-MX Pro2Go Strawberry & White Choc Chip Protein Cookie

At least more than the average person and if that’s you this is a snack you can happily skip. It is however an alright alternative for cookie monsters who like these sorts of snacks. It’s healthier than the average cookie and it has a decent amount of protein. It’s also available practically everywhere you go (we always see it in both ASDA and Poundland but we’re sure other popular brands carry it as well).

Will we ever go back to this cookie? No, because it has too many calories, an alright taste and the trifecta of bad ingredients that we don’t like, meaning sugar, palm oil and glucose-fructose syrup. Bye bye.



  • Available anywhere (ASDA, Poundland, etc.)
  • It costs as low as £1
  • Decent 23g of protein per cookie
  • A healthier alternative to regular cookies


  • As much as 302 kcal per cookie
  • Endless ingredients list
  • 32.6g of carb per cookie
  • It contains added sugar
  • It contains palm oil
  • It contains glucose-fructose syrup
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

This definitely is a cookie for someone who cares more about their wallet then health. However, if you’re not that kind of person, you can happily skip it.