Solid, chewy and leaves an artificial taste in your mouth. I’m not sure this is something you should go running to try!

QUEST hasn’t been my favourite protein bar brand to consume (albeit, I haven’t found one I actually enjoyed). I was hoping with a totally different bar like their Hero range, we were in for something great! Don’t get me wrong, the wrapper is beautifully attractive and bright, but don’t let this deceive you! The inside is bland and leaves you with all the added sucralose coated around your mouth!

Quest Hero Protein Bar Blueberry Cobbler Flavour
Quest Hero Protein Bar Blueberry Cobbler Flavour

If the smell was anything to go by you won’t go ‘oh that’s blueberries’ because if I’m honest with you, you can’t smell them. Compare that to other bars like the RX Blueberry for example and it’s a completely different story. This QUEST Hero Blueberry Cobbler bar could not only give you a bruise if this was thrown at you it’s pretty solid, but it also keeps some of this solid texture when you eat it too. It’s full of crispy ‘mallow’ like pieces making it super chewy and crunchy to eat. This is actually a factor I enjoy as it makes it last a lot longer because you spend a long time chewing the damn thing! I wouldn’t say moist is the right word to describe this bar, but it’s not as dry as you may originally believe. The crispy pieces form a nice chewy concoction in your mouth which is actually rather pleasant.

Add a blueberry flavour and reduce the sucralose and then we’ll be talking about good flavours!

I was pretty confident opening this bar I was onto a winner, but it’s not great, only average, and I can’t express enough, if you don’t like the taste of artificial sweeteners, then this bar really isn’t for you! Not even the white chocolate coating the bar tastes like chocolate! I would say, the best thing about this QUEST Hero Blueberry Cobbler bar are those crispy pieces, without those the bar would be nothing! Whilst we’re talking about aromas, there aren’t really any – but as for aftertaste, well that’s just all artificial sweetener coating my mouth still!

I definitely wouldn’t eat another QUEST Hero Blueberry Cobbler protein bar straight after this one. Put some actual blueberry flavour into it and remove the artificial sweeteners and then I might want to try it again. As for now, no, thank you!

Quest Hero Protein Bar Blueberry Cobbler Flavour

Macros are one of the good things about this bar (apart from the high carb content)! A standard bar weighing a decent 60g has the following, 170kcal, 7g fat, 30g carbs (of which 13g sugar) and 17g protein. I would expect the carbs to be lower and the sugar to be lower too! Maybe that’s why it’s overpoweringly sweet! This bar just keeps being knocked down, especially if you take in the factor it has added palm oil too! I think protein bars alone are killing our environment! On the plus side (if there is one), it does contain natural flavourings.

If you want to know what blueberries taste like, don’t eat this protein bar – eat a blueberry, it’s much nicer!

Quest Hero Protein Bar Blueberry Cobbler Flavour

I feel if they removed the artificial sweetener flavour, added some blueberries, made the white chocolate actually taste like chocolate we might have something good here. But that being said, it sounds like they need to go back to the factory and create something entirely new!

Would I eat this QUEST Hero Blueberry Cobbler protein bar again? Not a chance, unless they create a whole new different bar. Sorry, I can still taste all that artificial sweetener in my mouth. I need a drink!