PhD has teamed up with Tough Mudder, an obstacle course events, and launched its latest Smart Bar protein bar. Its flavour was dubbed Mississippi Tough Mudder Pie and it actually smells like mud. With the addition of whey protein. Interesting.

PhD Nutrition, the maker of not too bad Smart Bars and Smart Plant protein bars, became an Official Finisher Bar Partner in 2020. It will provide on-course snacks at Tough Mudder City 10K and Tough Mudder Classic events. It will be fuelling participants body and helping them cross the finish line. Is it capable to do that?

For sure. PhD Smart Bars are well-known for delivering not bad macros (average 235kcal, approx. 25g of carbs and 2g of sugar and 21g protein in Smart Bars). They’re not spectacular in taste for sure, but they’re decently good overall and as long as you’re OK with a specific flavour, you (usually) can’t go wrong with any of them. And they’ve got plant-based and vegan-friendly options, too.

Anyway, this PhD Smart Bar Mississippi Tough Mudder Pie is already with us. Stay tuned for its review soon! Here’s a sneak peek of it: it has standard for PhD Smart Bars macros (64g, 233kcal, 21g (32.8%) of protein and 1.1g of sugar), it’s a log shape bar and it smells like a combination of mud and whey protein.

PhD Smart Bar Mississippi Tough Mudder Pie
PhD Smart Bar Mississippi Tough Mudder Pie (source: PhD)

Tough Mudder hosts world-class obstacle course events and races with distances ranging from 5K to 100 Miles, packed with legendary obstacles. We provide the tools to help you reach goals and events to live out unforgettable experiences. Our mission: to grow Mudder Nation into a Global Tribe that lives courage, personal accomplishment, teamwork, and fun.

You can find more about it on their website. And if you’d want to take part in, here’s a calendar of the upcoming Tough Mudder events.