Comfortable to eat and tasty. But still a bit disappointing in other aspects. And if you’re after the taste only, then give it a try. Otherwise, well, it could be much better for sure.

Does it look like someone is changing its packaging? We have already had two other flavours from this range, White Chocolate Cranberry Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter. They were not too bad, for sure. But at the same time, I was pretty far from being excited back then. Now, it’s time for another flavour, Outright Smores Peanut Butter. Is it better than it was before? Well, if that’s what progress is supposed to look like, then here’s the message for Outright: you’re going too slow.

OUTRIGHT S'mores Peanut Butter Protein Bar
OUTRIGHT S’mores Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Sunflower oil. This is what the smell of this protein bar reminds me. But I can’t help it. Therefore, I’m not too sure it’s highly inviting. It’s just OK in this matter, and that’s it. A pretty toughish on the outside, this protein bar turns out to be pleasantly soft and crumbly inside. That means no problem with biting into it at all. Also, it’s barely chewy and a bit sticky. And it’s decently moist. Hence, it’s texture is right on the spot.

Surprisingly tasty and flavourish protein bar. That’s it.

Smores and peanut butter flavours in one place? Why not! This protein bar proves it’s possible and it does it in a pretty convincing way. There are both flavours easily detectable in this bar. And they’re balanced really well. They’re rich, flavourish and simply tasty. Also, there’s no weird aroma or aftertaste. And despite being not too sweet, just sweetish, it might be a satisfying protein bar for many.

If so, then one of the most important question regarding this Outright Smores Peanut Butter bar is: do I want another serving of it right after the first one? Well, it was not that fat from saying so. What didn’t convince me to it was not its flavour, but it’s macros and ingredients.

OUTRIGHT S'mores Peanut Butter Protein Bar

That’s right. At 60g, this bar delivers a pretty high 270 kcal, 12g of fat, 27g of carbs (including a whopping 19g of added sugar!) and only 15g of protein. Not too impressive. The ingredients list could also be a bit better, as it contains (what a surprise!) added sugar, invert sugar, palm oil and corn syrup. Well, nope.

A pretty tasty protein bar. But for a pretty high price.

OUTRIGHT S'mores Peanut Butter Protein Bar

OUTRIGHT S’mores Peanut Butter Protein Bar is not a bad protein bar. It’s lovely in taste and it’s comfortable to eat, which matters. However, 270 kcal per medium-sized bar and not the best macros and ingredients are the things that put me off.

Will I ever go back to this Outright Smores Peanut Butter protein bar? I will not. And I have good reasons for staying away from it.



  • It tastes pretty good


  • It contains added sugar
  • It contains invert sugar
  • It contains palm fat
  • It contains corn syrup
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

If the taste is the only thing you care about in protein bars, then this one is the one you can't miss. It's a great combination of S'mores and Peanut Butter flavours served in a highly palatable way.