Oatein is about to launch its first HYPE BAR for vegan. It’s dubbed Chocoholic and it’s going to be coated with dark choc with a layer of crunchy cocoa nibs on top.

It is going to be the fourth bar from the HYPE lineup. So far, there are three flavours available, Salty Caramel, Milk & Cookies and Hazelnutty. They’re all under 200kcal, less than 2g of sugar and palm oil free. Also, they contain 18g of protein and they’re suitable for vegetarians. However, with the latest Oatein HYPE BAR Chocoholic flavour they are going to be available for even more customers soon.

As of w/c 27 (starting on Sunday 28th June), Oatein introduces a new HYPE BAR Chocoholic flavour that is suitable for vegans. It keeps all the features from the previous HYPE BARs, including sub-200kcal energy value, 0.5g of sugar and 17.9g of protein. The new thing is, however, it’s going to be a 64g bar (instead of 60g for the other three flavours). And it’s going to be palm oil free, too.

Stay tuned for our review of it sometime next week. It’s already here.

New Oatein HYPE BAR Chocoholic Vegan is going to be available from the very end of June or at the beginning of July. You can pre-order it right now on Oatein website. Box of 12 bars was priced at £17.99 (40% off RRP) and the box of 20 bars means a cost of £25 (50% off).