After launching Chocaholic protein bar for vegans, Oatein is going to add another flavour to its lineup. Confetti Cupcake, speaking of which, is going to be a regular, non-vegan bar.

Oatein is going bold. Just recently, on 30th June, it has launched its first vegan-friendly HYPE BAR, Chocaholic. It turned out to be a delicious protein bar not only for vegans. It scored overall a really high 7.8/10 pts. (which means it’s ‘very good’) and as high as 9.5/10 pts. in flavour (that means ‘excellent’). But it looks like it’s not the end when it comes to new flavours from them.

Oatein HYPE BAR Confetti Cupcake announcement
Oatein HYPE BAR Confetti Cupcake leaflet

It’s going to be another flavour added to the lineup pretty soon. Oatein HYPE BAR Confetti Cupcake flavour is going to be pretty similar to the regular HYPE BARs. That means it’s going to be a 60g bar, have sub-200kcal (189kcal), 18g of protein and only 1.6g of sugar. Not bad. The ingredients list is not available yet, as the bar is not yet presented on the Oatein’s website.

Anyway, hopefully, it’s going to be available pretty soon, as there are leaflets with HYPE BARs with this flavour already printed. And as soon as it’s available, you can be sure we will give this Oatein HYPE BAR Confetti Cupcake flavour a try and review it. So stay tuned.