It comes in a huuuge tub. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it will last you nearly forever. Because of this NAKED CHOC PB is damn good. At least as long as you’re ready to go raw. Damn raw.

It’s powdered peanut butter, so it’s pretty easy to play with its texture. Whether you want it thick, perfectly spreadable or as a semi-liquid topping, it’s nothing more complicated than adding less or more water to that. Or you can shake it or bake it too. Want it saltier? Add some salt to that (but be careful, it’s pretty easy to oversalt it). Sweeter? Add some cacao, sugar or sweetener, and that’s it. Pretty easy. Yes, it’s a bit more complicated than a regular, spreadable peanut butter spread. But hey, it’s really flexible at the same time. But what this NAKED CHOC PB tastes like, eventually?

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This peanut butter is raw. Not too sweet, not too salty.

All right. This NAKED CHOC PB tastes really raw. Like peanuts with a bit of cacao flavour (not much of it, actually). And that combination is pretty bizarre. First impression? OMG! What the hell is that?! That was my first reaction after the first teaspoon of this PB. Yes, after all these kinds of peanut butter from markets or anywhere, this one may seem to be not too tasty. But don’t be fooled by your first impression. And don’t trust your taste buds so quick. Give this PB a second and third chance, as it’s well worth it.

How it goes then? Much, much better. Once you get used to its raw taste, it’s much easier to fell in love with it. And that’s what I did. The reason? It’s raw, it’s really raw. And it tastes so fresh and natural. It tastes like raw peanuts with a bit of cacao. And without even a pinch of salt. And honestly, it couldn’t be any other way as these are only two ingredients in this peanut butter. Hence, no additives like palm oil, salt, sugar and other sh*t in this peanut butter. Pretty nice. Nothing to hide.

Could it be my only peanut butter I use? Oh, definitely. With all these sweets I have in my life, this is like a breeze – really raw, not sweet and natural peanut butter.

Macros. Does it really matter? The peanut butter I used to use before has roughly 610 kcal, 49g of fat, 15g of carbs (including 7g of sugar) and 24g of protein. This NAKED CHOC PB is about 460 kcal (-32%), 15.4g of fat (-69%), 38.4g of carbs (+150%), of which 8g (+15%) of naturally occurring sugar, and 46g (+91%) of protein. So THERE IS a difference in favour of this NAKED CHOC PB.

It’s damn raw. And it’s damn exciting.

I never thought I’d want to swap to powdered peanut butter. It’s not ready-to-go (as you need to add some water to it) and pretty often it’s final texture is not the same as before (unless you measure it perfectly). Also, many other powdered peanut butters were not too tasty (hello, Dr Zak’s). And that’s what put me off a bit.

Naked Choc PB

However, a lot has changed since I gave this NAKED CHOC PB a try. Yes, it’s not perfectly user-friendly, as you need to play with water with it. And sometimes you need to add more peanut butter to make it a desirable texture. But at the same time, that uncertainty is exciting. And the thought you eat something that raw makes it a pretty nice experience. Therefore, no reason to not to give it a try. Or rather, you definitely have to give it a try.

P.S. We got a full tub of this that weighs 2lb (907g). It’s massive! And you know what? It’s nearly gone pretty fast. Too fast! Only a bit left on the bottom of the tub to take some pictures of that.

If you’re fancy to give it a try then it’s available on Amazon.