If you keep chocolate in the fridge, then you should take it out of there right now. Otherwise, it will change its appearance. Also, you shouldn’t store it too long.

As the latter is the least possible when it comes to chocolate (right!), you should keep in mind that it requires specific conditions to be stored to keep its proper properties. Alain Ducasse, a legendary and decorated Michelin starred-chef, gives us a couple of tips on how to store chocolate correctly. As he says,

Storing in the fridge should be avoided. Chocolate should be kept between 15°C and 18°C (59°F – 64°F) in a dry place. The best temperature to enjoy it is approximately 20°C (68°F).

Alain Ducasse

That temperature should be easily found in your kitchen, e.g. cupboard or pantry. However, try not to keep the chocolate in the hallway, as some of us do, as at the night the temperature over there may go much lower than recommended by the expert.

Damien Couliou, managing director of Le Chocolate Alain Ducasse in London explains why room temperature is optimum for chocolate.

If we go too cold, water condenses and the chocolate whitens. If we go too hot (over 20°C), the chocolate melts and becomes soft.

Damien Couliou

The water interacts with the sugar on a microscopic level, crystalising on the surface of the chocolate, whitening the colour of the chocolate. While it doesn’t affect the taste of chocolate, it does change the visual aspects of it. And last, but not least some quick tip on how long you should keep a different kind of chocolates although many of us won’t last it for so long.

Ganaches must be eaten within two or three weeks, pralinés within maximum three to four weeks, and bars can be eaten within a few months.

Alain Ducasse

Anyway, are you going to be able to resist the chocolate for so long?