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Kaz - Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Solihull

Whenever you want to lose fat, tone up or gain muscles, you are at the right place, at the right hands. With my experience and your determination, we can achieve any or all above together.

Also, if your goals are different than this, like to climb Yorkshire 3 Peaks or Kilimanjaro (like one of my last clients’), then feel free to contact me. We will then see what and how we can get there.

All my clients receive personalised nutrition/diet and training plans and ongoing support in a variety of packages and pricing options.

I offer online coaching both lifestyle and fitness. The price per month is £125. Please fill in the contact form on the right hand side to enquire for it.

I DO NOT use any diet or training templates, therefore please give me up to 5 days to prepare plans for a new client.

L3 Personal Training
L2 Gym Instructor
Nutritional Advisor

UKBFF, March 2019

4th place in Bikini Wellness category in UK Nationals

FMC Fitness Model Comps, April 2017

1st place in Diva Model category

2nd place in Fitness Model category

UK Ultimate Physiques, May 2017

1st place at UKUP Bodypower Expo in Bikini Beginners category


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