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Here you’ll find answers to questions you might want to ask us. Or you didn’t know you want to ask us. Or anything else that will help you to feel familiar with our craziness about Protein, Fitness and More.

Who are we?

We are a regular, average couple going to the gym now and then. As we don’t mind lifting heavy things, we are there four to five times a week. Or sometimes even twice a day (it actually happened once). Anyway, we train hard but smart, achieving our fitness goals. Some of us keep the results easily and compete with successes – that’s Kaz. And some of us go back and forth with his form and shape, jumping from 92kg (210 lbs) to 75kg (160 lbs) and then back to 92kg (210 lbs) regularly – that’s Pako.

Anyway, we also really like to eat well and healthy. That’s why sometimes Pako is in charge in the kitchen and he prepares some not that bad and pretty edible food at home. However, we’re often too busy to have enough time for fancy eating and that’s the situation where protein treats come into play. However, there’s one massive problem with them.

What’s the problem with protein bars and other protein snack?

There are loads of protein bars and protein snacks and treats on the market. It’s getting crowdy out there and many manufacturers fight for your wallet and your daily intake of sweets and protein. However, as always, many of them are barely edible or just mediocre. In other words, they’re not worth your hard earned money and tight macros, giving you nothing but disappointment and unfulfillment. But no worries, we experienced these feelings as well. And considering they’re not cheap we decided to act actively and do something about it.

That’s why we founded Protein, Fitness and More.

What is Protein, Fitness and More?

As eating well is a part of living well, it must contain a snack or two a day. There’s no doubt about it. And as there are many poor or mediocre protein bars and snacks on the market, we decided to challenge them officially and find out which of them are excellent and tasty and worth our hard earned money. Similarly, we also check which of them is not worth to spend a penny on them.

That’s why we raised Protein, Fitness and More to make it available for others. To save their money and keep them away from the disappointing and unfulfilling experience. Therefore we eat them, test them and review them, to tell you what they’re like in reality.

Because life is too short to eat mean protein bars and snacks.

How we test protein bars and snacks?

To make it comparable and straightforward, we made categories for protein and fit food. All of them, like protein bars, protein snacks, protein flapjacks and others. Furthermore, all of them are being evaluated according to a specific criterion, including smell, taste, ease of eating, nutrition information or ingredients. They are pretty similar to each other, but they are sometimes not. In other words, sometimes we test all the aspects of protein snacks, but sometimes it’s not necessary to do so.

How have we come across of our criterions and their partial scores? These are a bunch of good and bad experiences of ours and our gym friends. However, instead of being euphoric raptures (like ‘OMG! That’s amazing! I love it!’) or furious disappointments (like ‘OMFG! That’s disgusting! What a bulls*it! Give me my money back, you (bip)!’), we aggregated them into a more polite and friendly form. Then we carefully and somewhat precisely described them. And we assigned them appropriate scores too. It took us a significant amount of time, but we are genuinely proud of them!

So what it looks like?
(See next question for answer)

Our scale, criterion and everything rating-related overview

There is a couple of different criterion for every kind of protein bars or snacks. They include smell, outer firmness, inner firmness, taste, moistness, nutrients, the ingredients list and the overall experience. Some protein treats are being evaluated with all of the criterion (like protein bars), some of them not (like energy bars, where it’s not too important where the energy come from). It’s up to us, based on our and our friends’ knowledge and experience, which criterion is necessary for a specific kind of snack and which one is not. And we have a solid base for including them or not. So be assured it’s a solid stone piece of rating, created to do its best to serve the most accurate results for their purpose.

Going further, every criterion consists of from a couple up to ten partial scores that range between 1 and 10 pts. 1 point is the lowest one, 10 points is the highest. And you can call them like this:

1 – awful
2 – bad
3 – poor
4 – mediocre
5 – fair
6 – good
7 – very good
8 – great
9 – excellent
10 – amazing

Keep in mind, however, that not every criterion has all of 10 partial parts. They may consist like six of them, starting from 3 pts and ending at 8 pts for example.

Also, there are some extra points (or half of them) in specific criterions that sum up to the overall score in this criterion. For example, if the taste of a particular protein bar is tasty and delicious, without any weird aroma or aftertaste. So it gets a solid 8 pts. Also, it makes its way as a sweet treat (what is not so often!), so it gets an extra 0.5 pt. Overall, for the taste, such a bar gets a solid 8.5/10 pts.

Are there any departures from these rules and scale?

Simply, there are not. It doesn’t matter whether we pay for samples out from our pocket or we get it for their producers, there is one scale and it applies to all the products from a specific category (i.e. protein bars or protein flapjacks). There is no way anyone from the outside can affect it, both way, positively or negatively. That’s why you can pretty often find reviews of average or lousy protein bars and snacks on Protein, Fitness and More. We are proud of it and we’re not going to change it.

However, there may be situation a specific criterion or its partial points may be modified. We may do that just to make it more precise or add some extra features we’re going to evaluate too. If we do that, you will know that. And the only reason we may do that is to make it even better for you.

How to read our rating?

As you may notice, pretty often there is not a big difference between a protein snack rated 6.3/10 pts and the one rated 6.7/10 pts. In this case, the difference is only 0.4 pt, so basically, it’s not a big difference, right? Well, nope.

There is a big difference between them in fact. And to make it more clear on how to read the overall score, here’s a quick guide.

If any fit food scored 7.0/10 pts or above, it means it’s a no brainer. You can’t go wrong with them so that you can stock it or them straight away.

For scores 6.5 to 6.9/10 pts, it means that the product is solidly good. In other words, it’s definitely worth trying. So if you’re fancy something new and you’re ready for the new and unique experience, then go for them. You shouldn’t be disappointed.

6.0-6.4/10 pts is a conditional zone. It means these snacks are OK, but not spectacular in any way. This is a good indicator what’s worth trying if you’re a great fan of a specific flavour and you’d want to try something new. However, do not expect anything special here.

5.0-5.9/10 pts is a range where you won’t find anything special. Particularly, these products are poor and you shouldn’t bother too much about them. They’re not bad per se, but still, they miss this and that, making it, well, just fair snacks.

4.0-4.9/10 pts. This is the zone for brave ones. If you think your taste buds are badasses, then feel free to challenge them with products from this range. And no, do not look at the ingredients list or macros of these snacks, as there’s nothing to look at. Seriously.

3.9/10 pts and below. If you find a protein snack from this range, you may be nearly sure it’s not a snack, not telling about being a protein one. Chances are it’s also an unpalatable treat with bad macros and even worse ingredients. In other words, it should be recalled from the sell. But somehow it wasn’t. So if you’re fancy an extreme experience, then… you know what to do, right?

What kind of products we currently test and review?

Currently, we test and review for you these kinds of protein and functional food:

  • protein bars
  • protein cookies
  • energy bars
  • carb + protein bars
  • protein flapjacks
  • protein ice creams

What is the assessment criterion for these products?

To find detailed assessment criterion for specific protein food we test see links below:
protein bars and protein cookies
energy bars
carbs + protein bars
protein flapjacks

Are you going to test and review other food and products?

We’d love to pretty soon. At the moment we do Protein, Fitness and More as our hobby. However, you can help us to do that as our full-time job. See ‘Support us!’ section below to find out more about it.

Are you testing and reviewing services and places?

We’d love to pretty soon. At the moment we do Protein, Fitness and More as our hobby. However, you can help us to do that as our full-time job. See ‘Support us!’ section below to find out more about it.

I want to support you. How can I do that?

There are many ways to supports us in eating protein bars growing this place on the internet.

To do that, feel free to do any or all of these:

  • visit our website regularly and tell your friends about us too
  • like and share our social media content (the more, the better 😉 )
  • sign up to our newsletter
  • suggest a product to test (regarding the categories we examine and review
    at the moment) here
  • send us some testing samples (also those we don’t test and review yet so that we could create a new category of products) here
  • let us know to see what we could do together
  • and last, but not least, stay in touch with us, because what we do here is what we do for you.

Anything else than all of the above?

If you didn’t find an answer to your question(s) above, then feel free to give us a shout here.