This is a protein bar it’s hard to recommend. It’s not too comfortable to eat. It’s not too tasty. And it’s ingredients could be way much better. And that’s it – not much to add here in short.

It’s not that Decathlon has nothing interesting in their range of protein bars. It’s enough to look at Chocolate & Nuts, Raspberry & Coco or Nuts flavours. All right, they’re not exceptional, but at £1.25-1.49 per bar (available in 4-packs), they’re not bad semi-budget options surely. However, this Decathlon Whey Protein Bar Chocolate & Caramel is hard to include to either worth trying or not too bad categories. And that’s why.

Decathlon Whey Protein Bar Chocolate & Caramel
Decathlon Whey Protein Bar Chocolate & Caramel

Have you ever smelled a ‘cold’ protein bar? If not, then you can do it with this one. It has a touch of chocolate and caramel aroma in its fragrance. But there is a ‘cold’ whiff too. Most likely due to the sweeteners in it. Anyway, it makes this protein bar not too appealing. A stone hard on the outside, this bar is also toughish on the inside. This means it’s not comfortable to bite into it. Also, it’s somewhat chewy and a bit sticky. Add to that it’s a bit dryish too and you’ll get the whole picture of its texture which is not impressing at all.

Well, that’s not the flavour to be remembered, I’m afraid.

All right, there’s chocolate and caramel flavour in it somewhat easy detectable. But it’s definitely not too intense. Also, there’s an addition of bitterish aroma in it too, making that tri-combination not too exciting either enjoyable. Also, there are soya crisps happily crunching, but it’s just a small addition that doesn’t affect the overall experience much. Overall, this bar is middling sweet, but that sweetness is somewhat artificial and not too tasty. Therefore, this protein bar is not too satisfying.

Do I want another serving of this Decathlon Whey Protein Bar right after the first one? I don’t. It wasn’t too tasty, it wasn’t satisfyingly sweet. And these are the reasons I say ‘nope’.

When it comes to macros, they are so-so. A 60g bar has 233 kcal, 5.9g of fat, 25.3g of carbs (of which as much as 14.6g of sugar) and pretty much 22.2g of protein. The ingredients list is a shame, as it contains added sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, fructose syrup and maltitol syrup.

And if someone was wondering if it can be the finest protein bar on the go… Well, it can’t.

A reasonably cheap protein bar, for a reason.

Decathlon Whey Protein Bar Chocolate & Caramel

This is it. This is Decathlon Whey Protein Bar Chocolate & Caramel. And although it’s cheap and it has not that bad macros, it’s hard to recommend it. It’s not comfortable to eat, it’s not too tasty and the ingredients list is pretty awful.

That’s being said, I will not come back to this Decathlon Whey Protein Bar in the future. Sorry, Decathlon.



  • It contains natural flavourings


  • It contains added sugar
  • It contains glucose-fructose syrup
  • It contains fructose syrup
  • It contains maltitol syrup
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

Although it's cheap and it has not that bad macros, it's hard to recommend it. It's not comfortable to eat, it's not too tasty and the ingredients list is pretty awful.