It looks like CNP with their new range of protein flapjacks may be a reliable candidate for a title ‘you can’t go wrong with’. Their Chocolate flavoured one is another one that turned out to be solidly good. And again, definitely worth to give it a try.

ow was it before? Well, although their protein flapjacks seemed to be similarly tasty, at the same time, they were really far from being comfortable and enjoyable ones to eat ones. I reviewed Chocolate Orange and Lemon Meringue ones and then their new version appeared on the market. And you know what? They turned out to be decently good, scoring 6.6/10 and 7.1/10 pts, accordingly. Which means you should give them a try for sure. And another flavour from this new range, CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate, yes, just ‘Chocolate’ I’m about to review. Let’s have a look if it is as good as the other flavours from this new range.

CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate
CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate

This flapjack’s scent is an unusual combination of oats and chocolate aromas. And as I’m not the most enormous fan of oats aroma in flapjacks, this one here makes sense. It’s nice and sweet (hello, honey in the ingredients). And it is inviting. A pretty softish to soft protein flapjack is also undoubtedly easy to bite into it. It’s also not too chewy and not too sticky. In a word, it’s certainly easy and comfortable to eat. And you shouldn’t have any problem with eating it without a sip. And this is what I expected here, as it’s the same situation as we have with two other flavours from this range. Pretty nice.

This protein flapjack tastes decently good. With that specific aroma of all new CNP’s Flapjacks.

I can’t start the other way: this protein flapjack is sweet (but not too sweet), pleasant in its taste and definitely satisfying. It has an easily detectable chocolate flavour with virtually no oaty aroma in it. Also, it has that specific touch of sweetness I would describe as a combination of honey and sweeteners. It’s not bad, it’s just specific for the new CNP’s flapjacks. A bit heavy, too obvious. And if it’s your only treat a day, you should like it (I like it, anyway). What I was missing here, however, was that fugitive lightness of a sweet flavour that would make it brilliant. It’s not there, but still, this is a decently tasty protein flapjack. On a par with the other flavours from this range.

Do I want another serving of this CNP protein flapjack after the first one? Definitely. It’s sweet, it’s pleasant in its taste and it’s enjoyable.

CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate

How about the macros then? Well, not too bad. It’s not top notch, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of. A 75g flapjack has 264 kcal, 8.3g of fat, 34g of carbs (including only 3.8g of sugar) and a sturdy amount of 18.75g of protein. Pretty nice. However, the ingredients list could be a bit more user-frinedly, as it contains palm oil and date syrup.

Therefore, it can’t be the finest protein flapjack on the go. But it can be a really tasty one.

A solidly good and tasty protein snack on the go.

CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate

If I had to describe this CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate in one sentence, then it would be like that. A solidly good protein flapjack – comfortable to eat, tasty, sweet and satisfying. The only thing I’d change in it would be the ingredients list. Other than that, I can’t say anything wrong about it.

Will I ever go back to this protein flapjack from CNP? There are chances for that for sure. It’s not as spectacular in the taste as the other flavour from this range, Lemon Meringue. But it’s definitely worth to give it a try if you’re looking for a solidly good and tasty chocolate protein flapjack.

P.S. There’s also a Cherry Almond flavour protein flapjack from CNP too. And if you want to have a look at our review of it, then see this post.



  • It tastes pretty good (in a specific for CNP’s flapjacks way)
  • It contains as much as 18.75g of protein per serving (75g)


  • It contains palm oil
  • It contains date syrup
Overall firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

A solidly good protein flapjack – comfortable to eat, tasty, sweet and satisfying. The only thing I’d change in it would be the ingredients list. Other than that, I can’t say anything wrong about it.