It’s poor. And it’s deplorable not only in taste. And it’s definitely nothing you should worry about. Boom.

Well, this proteinish bar was waiting for the review for so long. All of that, because I have had it a while ago and it was definitely nothing I’d want to have once again. However, now it’s here and I had to give it a go again. And I hope it won’t be necessary to go through it for the third time, as this Boost Plus Protein bar is simply terrible. Not worth even a single penny. You’re welcome.

Cadbury BOOST+ Protein Bar
Cadbury BOOST+ Protein Bar

It was supposed to be a caramel and milk chocolate bar. Therefore, I expected to have the smell of these flavours here. However, what I got was a weird and not too pleasant, somewhat sweetish aroma of these too. It was pretty distressful experience, not inviting for sure. A really tough on the outside, this protein bar is softish and crumbly on the inside. Also, it’s decently chewy and a bit sticky. And a bit dryish. In a word, the very first impression is not too good.

And it’s getting even worse, much worse afterwards.

The taste of this protein bar is terrible. There’s a strong flavour of whey protein in it. It gives this bar unpleasant, bitterish taste. Also, there’s no aroma of caramel neither milk chocolate in it. At least not strong enough to make any difference in this matter. Also, the aftertaste of this bar is nothing you’d want to taste. And if it’s not enough, then this bar is definitely not sweet. How is this possible with caramel and milk chocolate in it? Anyway, this protein bar is miles away from being a satisfying one in any way.

Do I want another serving of this BOOST Plus Protein bar right after the first one? Let me put it this way: if I had a choice, then I would stop eating it right after the first bite.

Cadbury BOOST+ Protein Bar

Macro wise it’s nothing special. A 49g bar has a largish 249 kcal, 13g of fat, 20g of carbs (including a bit too much of 17g of sugar) and only 12g of protein. But that’s not the worst thing here. The ingredients list is even worse than that, as it contains palm oil (third place), sugar (4th) and glucose syrup (5th). In short, it’s pitiful.

Poor Boost Plus proteinish bar in all significant aspects.

Cadbury BOOST+ Protein Bar

BOOST+ Protein Bar. Well, it’s terrible. It has a feeble smell, poor taste, not good macros and inferior ingredients. Also, the overall experience is meagre landing at 2.5/10 pts. It’s K.O.

Will I ever go back to this BOOST Plus Protein bar? Absolutely no chances for that. Even if I get it for free. Or they would have to pay me for that (as long as it’s anything lower than 5-figures sum).



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  • It tastes terrible
  • It has poor macros
  • It contains added sugar
  • It contains palm oil
  • It contains glucose syrup
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

Well, this protein bar is terrible. It has a feeble smell, poor taste, not good macros and inferior ingredients. Also, the overall experience is meagre landing at 2.5/10 pts. It's K.O.