Atkins’ multifunctional bars are a great example of how to kill four birds with one stone. But are they good example to follow? Let’s have a closer look at the first bar we review from its wide range of functional bar, Chocolate Decadence.

If you wonder why we put our hands into and test our taste buds into not themed bars (like protein bars, energy bars etc.), here’s a quick explanation. These bars are available virtually anywhere, both as a single bar or whole packs, and we couldn’t miss them. Eventually, they caught our eyes too so that we couldn’t resist and grab them from the shelf, just for you. So is it worth it to grab it by yourself?

Atkins Chocolate Decadence Bar

The answer to that question is simple, as always: it depends. From the smell perspective, it’s a nice bar, offering pleasant, detectable experience, encouraging us to bite into it. And you shouldn’t have any problem with that, as the bar is easily accessible both from the outside and inside, so your teeth are safe with it. But when it comes to ease of eating, this bar is slightly chewy and may stick to your teeth.

Also, what we don’t like too much is its taste.

Although chocolate is clearly detectable, it’s accompanied by the slightly sourish aroma. It wouldn’t be so bad after all, but once you’re done with it, you can taste bitter aftertaste in your mouth. And that’s not what we’d expect from Decadence Chocolate taste, right?

Do we want another one after one serving? We don’t think so. And if you’re going to give that bar a try, then it’s better to buy a single bar, not a whole package.

And here’s the most exciting thing, as this bar promises to be multifunctional one. It says it straight away: carb reduced, high protein, low sugar and high fibre. And if so, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t check it. So here it is:

  • carb reduced: 16.5g of carbs per bar? Well, no.
  • high protein: 18g of protein? It sounds not too bad.
  • low sugar: 0.8g per bar sounds really, really good!
  • high in fibre: 5.9g per bar, not too bad.

Although 16.5g of carbs per 60g bar doesn’t sound that functional and puts that bar closer to energy bars than an all-rounder, it’s still not too bad. After all, carbs are not the biggest devils in this world. But again, it’s not perfect. And we can’t see it as a reduced amount of carbohydrates. Sorry.

Is this bar a sustainable snack on the go? It could be, but that palm fat on the ingredients list put us slightly off. So nope.

Is it a bar that you should give it a try?

Well, if you are all about macronutrients, have sweet tooth (and don’t mind treats sticking to it), like chocolate and don’t care about a slightly sour aroma and bitter aftertaste or a palm fat between just a few ingredients and want to feel the feeling ‘I do what I can to eat healthily’, then yeah, sure, why not? Go for it, buy just one bar (not a package) and try it for yourself.

Will we ever go back to this bar? As attractive, as an all-rounder, it may sound, we are not too amused with its taste. And there are too many ‘buts’ for us too (aroma and aftertaste). So we think we will skip it unless it’s the only healthier snack on the shelf out there.



  • No added sugar
  • Only 0.8g of naturally occurring sugar per bar
  • Decent 5.9g of fibre per bar
  • Not bad all-rounder bar


  • Contains palm fat
  • 12g of fat per bar seems to be slightly too much
  • Sour aroma
  • Bitter aftertaste
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

If you are all about macronutrients, have sweet tooth, like chocolate and don’t care about a slightly sour aroma and bitter aftertaste, then yeah, sure, give it a try. Why not?