At £1.25 a bar it tries to steal the show much more expensive protein competitors. And if macros are not your biggest concern, then you shouldn’t miss that little guy.

Supplements market is getting bigger and bigger. And there’s no surprise new players are coming up, trying to bite a bit of that sweet cake for themselves. And as you could expect to see here any sport-related company, ASDA with its brand is something that can make you think ‘Really’? But hey, relax, and we say give it a chance, like we did with other flavours from this range, Cookies & Cream and Strawberry Cheesecake. Because we believe it’s worth it under one condition.

ASDA Sports Nutrition Cherry Yogurt Flavour Protein Bar

Right. Comparing the price of ASDA’s protein bar to other competitors’ products may seem to be strange a bit. It’s like comparing, let’s say, a can of well-known brand’s sweet corn that costs 75p or more to a budget can of sweet corn for 29p. You may think there must be a significant difference between them, right? And as it may be true when it comes to sweet corn, it doesn’t have to be alike in this case. Eventually, there are many worst protein bars on the market that cost much more than this. And what we’ve got here?

Surprisingly, when you throw aside a package of it, it turns out to be a decent protein bar!

Great smell is what says ‘hello’ right after you unwrap it. Cherry yogurt flavour tickles your nose notably nice, making you can’t wait to bite into it! No too toughy on the outside is also pretty softish inside. That makes it easy to bite and chew, allowing to focus on enjoying it, despite being noticeable chewy and slightly sticking to the teeth. And we can assure, there’s a lot of enjoyment here!

This is what cherry yogurt protein bar should taste like! There’s cherry flavour, and there’s yogurt flavour, both distinctly detectable. And on the top of that, there’s white chocolate too, giving it a deep and satisfying sweet taste. That composition was created nearly perfectly, making it a great treat for someone with sweet teeth! And no, no strange or suspicious bits or aftertastes. Surprise. Respect.

But not everything is perfect here. Did we mention you shouldn’t bother the package of it? But if you do, you’ll find some pretty poor macros there (like 253 kcal, 10.8g of fat, 23.4g of carbs, 13.8g of sugar and 19.8g of protein per 60g bar). Also, there is added sugar, palm fat, glucose syrup and invert sugar syrup on the ingredients list. Too bad.

Is this a sustainable protein bar on… Eee, what you mean?

This bar is full of contradictions, unfortunately.

From one hand, this ASDA Cherry Yogurt protein bar, itself, is the thing you may really like, especially if it’s the flavour you prefer. It smells charming, it’s surprisingly tasty, easy to eat and after the last bite, you may start to look around to find another serving (or your way back to ASDA to buy another one, especially at that price). On the other hand, its macros are mediocre, and the ingredient list is not what you’d like to read while eating it. So what’s our verdict?

Will we ever come back to that bar? If taste and ease of use would be the only thing to consider, we definitely would! And even its mediocre macro wouldn’t be the worst thing here. But those ingredients… Oh, dear.

But hey, if you can gulp it down, then you may at least give it a shot. Especially it’s only £1.25 for a full-size bar containing nearly 20g of protein.



  • Great smell
  • It tastes superb
  • Ease of use
  • 19.8g of protein per 60g bar
  • It only costs £1.25 (so you can buy two of them and still save some money comparing to some competitors)


  • It contains added sugar
  • It contains palm oil
  • It contains glucose syrup
  • It contains invert sugar syrup
  • More carbs than protein? It doesn’t look like protein bar
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

This bar is full of contradictions, unfortunately. If taste and ease of use would be the only thing to consider, we definitely would recommend it! And even its mediocre macro wouldn’t be the worst thing here. But those ingredients… Oh, dear.