Although it only costs £2.99 for five bars, you need to eat at least two of them to make it sensible. Still, it’s pretty cheap, tasty, sweet and does the job pretty well. Nice.

You might not be too familiar with this brand, Aptonia. It belongs to Decathlon, the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. Anyway, I already reviewed its another energy bar from this brand, Ultra Fruit Jellies Citrus Energy. The result? It’s brilliant. It scored an amazing and all-time high (so far) 7.9/10pts overall and got a title of the finest energy bar on the go. Amazing. Now, it’s time to see whether it was an accident, or there are any other decently good energy bars in this brand. This is the review of Aptonia Energy Nougat Bars Pistachio.

Aptonia Energy Nougat Bar Pistachio
Aptonia Energy Nougat Bar Pistachio

Pistachios are not the most aromatic anything out there. But still, this energy bar smells pretty good. Pistachio aroma is easily detectable. It’s sweetish and inviting. Nice. This energy bar is soft both on the outside and inside. This means there shouldn’t be much problem with biting into it. And it would be like that, but this energy snack is noticeably chewy and a bit sticky. Still, it’s not that bad, considering it’s pretty moist.

Delicious pistachio that adds some energy.

When it comes to the flavour, this energy bar is perfect. It tastes lovely, with pistachio flavour and sweetness combined pretty good. The latter is decently sweet but not too sweet, especially when you eat two of these bars at once (more on that in a moment). Also, there’s no weird aroma or aftertaste, so that you can enjoy pistachio and sweetness flavour fully.

Do I want another serving of Energy Nougat Bars after the first one? Not actually. It was delicious and sweet, but one serving is pretty OK for me. And here’s why.

Aptonia Energy Nougat Bar Pistachio

A single energy bar is pretty small as it weighs only 25g. Therefore, to give you a significant boost of energy you’ll need to eat two of them at once (it’s pretty easy considering its lovely flavour). Therefore, let’s have a look at the macros of two tiny bars all together. Two of them (25g + 25g) has 212 kcal, 6g of fat, 36g of carbs (including 24g of sugar) and only 2.6g of protein. A pretty nice macro profile, isn’t it? The ingredients list is pretty OK, as, along with sugar (which is pretty obvious), there’s only glucose syrup in it. And a bit of honey too. Nice.

Unfortunately, it’s still not enough to call it the finest energy bar on the go. But it’s enough to call it a decently tasty and a good one, though.

Energising, tasty and sweet pistachio bar.

Aptonia Energy Nougat Bar Pistachio

Aptonia Energy Nougat Bar Pistachio is a decently good energy bar. It’s not super-duper-perfect, but it’s a really good one. It tastes delicious, it’s not too difficult to eat and it has pretty nice macros. And although most likely you’ll need to eat two of them to make it somewhat effective, it’s still not a problem, considering five of them only cost £2.99. In other words, a serving of two of them is less than £1.20. I like it.

Will I ever go back to this Aptonia Energy Nougat Bar Pistachio? Definitely, I will. It’s tasty, it’s sweet and… it doesn’t have to be your energy booster. A single bar of 106 kcal might be a great low-calorie snack as well.



  • It tastes really good
  • It contains honey
  • It contains natural flavouring


  • It contains glucose syrup
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

It's not super-duper-perfect, but it's a really good one. It tastes delicious, it's not too difficult to eat and it has pretty nice macros.