Quiet, stable and damn heavy – these three words describe Domyos VS900 Indoor Bike perfectly. It’s great for cardio. And for strength training too (while moving it). Can someone turn on the light on that grey console, please?

After a pretty mixed experience with used and cheap indoor bikes bought on Gumtree (sorry, Gumtree), I went for something different. With a pretty limited budget, I was after something that is new, it looks good (hey, don’t you say it doesn’t matter!) and it’s easy to use (do not confuse it with being comfortable). So I went for this Domyos VS900 Indoor Bike from Decathlon. And this is my review of it, after more than a month of using it and spending more than 24 hours riding it.

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Let’s go for a ride.

A bit of theory. That damn hefty (58kg!) Domyos clothes hanger indoor bike is genuinely stable. You can easily get close to the warp speed on it thanks to a pretty heavy (again!) flywheel that gives smooth, comfortable pedalling. Hence, you can use it as a cardio machine (while with increased resistance). Or, for a chance, for a strength workout. Whichever you choose, you can do it without risk of finding yourself in another outer space (or neighbour’s garden). And without waking up your family at 4 am – it’s really quiet. Although doing cardio at that sick o’clock in the morning might cast suspicion on you in the eye of your cat, eventually. Anyway, it’s nearly noiseless (it uses belt drive, so it virtually doesn’t need maintenance) – you won’t wake up your family with that one for sure.

Furthermore, adjustment. On the spot. Red-coloured handles (four of them) are easy to spot, they work smoothly, they’re easy to handle with, and the range of adjustment is extensive. However, the resistance knob (also in red and also going smooth) requires some extra turns to adjust it. Not a big issue, though. Pedals. They’re equipped with toe clips (see the main picture of this review) for better support (while watching Netflix), so it’s pretty safe to say you’ll end up your workout with the same number of limbs you started with. Tried and tested.

Going further, handlebar. It’s made of porous material, providing a reliable grip. And it doesn’t soak up with yourself. Nice. Also, it’s pretty comfortable allowing you to choose between three basic positions with your hands together in the middle of the handlebar, moved to the bottom outer corners of the handlebars or the furthest position up on the handlebars. Or any you want in between.

How to use this home bike?

All right. You may seem it’s pretty easy. You just sit on it, start pedalling and… getting bored pretty fast. Yes, you can do it as well if you wish. However, there are many not-so-boring and sometimes challenging ways to use your exercise bike too. And I described them in the separate article. Just go to Four cardio ways to make the most of your indoor exercise bike and find it out for yourself. Happy pedalling.

Let’s slow down for a moment.

All right. After spending more than 24 hours on it (not in a row, of course) I have some more thoughts about it. For sure, this Domyos indoor bike is not perfect. Some aspects of it could be ‘a bit’ better. Or much better, for sure. The saddle. OMG. It’s terrible. Believe me, I can handle a lot, and I was riding many different indoor bikes. But this one is dreadful. A solution? Put a towel on it and you’re ready to go. It’s not a subtle solution, but it works perfectly. Also, a bottle basket is suitable for a really tiny bottle only, not even for a 500ml one, not telling about your shaker. Also, it lacks any holder for your phone or tablet (eventually, these all movies won’t watch themselves, right)? Anything else? If you like following live numbers, you might miss a backlight in the console. It actually has anything you may need (data), but sometimes it’s not so easy to see it.

And last but not least, do not try to transport it with a small car like let’s say Ford Ka. This indoor bike is a bit bigger than it seems. And heavier, too. It’s a beast.

A damn stable, quiet and heavy bastard.

This Domyos VS900 Indoor Bike is a pretty good piece of equipment. It’s damn stable so that you can cycle safely on it. It’s quiet, so even if you do your cardio at 4 am (like me), there is no chance to wake your family up. And it happened that Pako used to fell asleep while I was pedalling next to him. A not too bad recommendation in this matter, right? And overall, it’s a really nice indoor bike to start or enhance your fitness journey.

Would I buy this Domyos VS900 Indoor Bike personally? It’s not perfect for sure, but at £299, I definitely would. It ticks all the boxes for me. And some disadvantages of it are not able to make my mind about it.