For a change, this heavy protein bar goes really well with the sugary drink. Surprised? As we are. This treat is full of twists, and you definitely should give it a try.

What do you expect from any bar? Perhaps a bit (or loads) of sweetness, right? But what would you do if you had to eat the one that is not sweet at all and seems to be a great companion not to black coffee, but a sugary drink? Most likely you’d be surprised, as we are. And that’s a good reason for us to have a closer look at Walo Crokbar Caffe’ Latte Protein Bar. Let’s go!

4+ Nutrition Walo High Protein Crokbar Caffe’ Latte

This protein bar looks like a piece of chocolate log. Nothing special when it comes to chocolate, but it’s a somewhat unusual look for bars. Nevertheless, what is most exciting about it, is its distinctive, pure smell. It is distinct and reminds us of tasty coffee latte without any sugary distractions. Nice! It makes our hearts beat a bit faster straight away.

From the outside, the bar is not so easy to bite into, but it’s getting much better when you get there.

Inside it’s really nice to eat, mixing with your saliva easily, creating a nice texture; not too chewy, not too dryish. Hence, it doesn’t stick to your teeth, make it really pleasant to eat and taste.

And that taste! As we mentioned before, it’s not a treat for sweet treats lovers. However, if you are looking for your favourite cafe’ latte in a form of a chocolate bar, then it seems like you are sitting at the right table. You will be then served with a tasty snack. And everything would be perfect if it was a bit, a bit more intensive and aromatic.

Do we want another serving of this Walo Caffe Latte Bar after the first one? Well, not actually. As an exciting and surprising experience of eating it delivers, we think one serving is totally OK to go with.

Does anyone care about the macros when it comes to regular coffee latte? It’s virtually no calories, but this is not coffee after all. So here we’ve got a robust 262 kcal per 55g bar, 11g of fat, 15g of carbs and a decent 25.5g of protein. And as the bar comes from Italy and it has no English packaging, the exact ingredient list is unknown to us. But it doesn’t seem too long.

Is this bar the finest protein bar on the go? Well, after all, we’d prefer to get a regular coffee latte and a bar that is at least slightly sweet.

But it doesn’t mean this bar is bad! It’s surprisingly good!

This is the bar with a twist! It doesn’t look like any other bar. It doesn’t taste like any other bar. And, besides it’s possibly troublesome form for some, it’s not sweet, but tasty piece of treat you shouldn’t miss. Its macros are not excellent, but again, there’s nothing you should be concerned about.

Will we ever go back to this bar? We don’t say ‘no’. If one day we find it here or there and we want to have some rest from all that sweetness around, then yes, we will pull the trigger and indulge ourselves. Of course, with a sweet drink around too.



  • Smells like a real caffe’ latte
  • Taste nearly as good as real caffe’ latte
  • It contains a solid 25.5g of protein per bar


  • It contains added sugar
  • As much as 25g of carbs per bar
  • As much as 262 kcal per bar
Outer firmness
Inner firmness
Overall experience

Final Verdict

This is the bar with a twist! It doesn’t look like any other bar. It doesn’t taste like any other bar. But it’s a tasty piece of treat you shouldn’t miss.